Question Bank – The Creation of Real Wealth

Once the user opens an account with SpeedExam, the very first question that arises is of creating a question bank and how to initiate the online tests, because for each tests we need relevant questions without which the software is not properly utilized.

The original/organic content is always the core of the institution; the content is the best weapon to fight competition. We have stressed more on creation of original content and not providing ready-made question banks for taking tests. This is the reason why we have deliberately designed SpeedExam, so that the optimum use of organic content can be done by the institution.

Initially, it sounds difficult & tedious to take this path (creating organic content) but when we get the results, we would defiantly feel astonished. The effort once taken would pay us for years to come.

Let us have an idea on reducing the complications in creating question bank

We have, with our more than 3 years experience in managing more than 50000 questions, learned how to reduce the complications in creation of question banks.

1. Name the sections with proper details.
2. Create an exclusive login for data entry operator & avoid access to administrative details.
3. Import your questions from excel file.
4. Use Math Editor and special characters for writing equations.
5. For questions specifying tabular data use HTML Editor.
6. Always take backup for your question bank. You can also restore your questions by importing excel files.

Hope these ideas would help you to create your USP.

We have mastered in data-entry work taking at-most care of the intellectual property of an institution and can accurately enter the questions from text file, word, PDF, or even hand written content. We would love to assist you for your data entry work as an additional service.

Happy Testing 🙂

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