Version – Whats New ?

Happy to announce our new version Yes We are getting better, simpler and more effective. We’ve worked hard last two months to provide new wonderful features. Our designers and engineers have tried their best to make SpeedExam more Effective and fast.

Here are the updates available in version

1. Personality Tests / Psychometric Assessments

Personality_ExamNow you can deliver psychometric assessments, designed from a wide range of theories, like:

  • Alderfer’s ERG theory
  • The Big 5 personality model
  • Classical theory of critical thinking
  • Kobasa’s model
  • Item response theory

We are providing complete solutions for personality assessments with report template system that can give you actionable data for your candidates.

2. New Exam Screens

USMLE Exam Practice
Medical Exam Screen
IBPS Exam Practice Tool
IBPS Bank Exam Screen, CLAT Exam Screen

Practice your students in actual exam environment, We are providing you different exam screens for real time practice of your critical exams.

  • Medical Exam Screen for UK , AUSTRALIA and USA.
  • Bank Exam Screen (IBPS Bank Exam, India)
  • CLAT Exam Screen (Law Exam, India)

3. Result emails can be sent to anyone

Email Settings
Email Settings

Now you can automatically send candidate exam emails (Started, Dropped, and Finished) to anyone instead of only exam admin.

4. Customize your Exam Screen Functionality

  • Change Exam Screen Font Size.
  • Change Font Family.
  • Change Button Text (Next, Previous, Flag etc).
  • Change Header & Footer Colors.
  • Enable or disable Feedback & Calculator.
  • LTR (Left to Right) Support for Arabic & Hebrew languages.
  • Option to force complete exam.
  • Text highlighter for medical exam screen.

5. Results can be displayed in Percentage or Points


We love to make your testing easy effective and more addictive. Please tell us your views and bless us with your constructive suggestions as they are the base for us to constantly improve ourselves. Have a great time with new and wonderfully crafted tests.

Happy Testing 🙂

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