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Why students can’t buy this

SpeedExam is a software, which pays more stress on teacher – taught relationship and has kept teacher as a medium to buy the software for students. A student if tries self study and buy material online will face more doubts and queries than a student getting online material bought by the teacher and passed on to him.

A teacher or institution gets analytical reports of the students which they used for the betterment of the student, find out problem areas and resolve them. A student would not pay that much attention on reports as his main aim is to practice. But this practice has to be in the right direction which a teacher or an institution can guide.

As its said “Diapers are not bought buy who wear it and not worn by those who buy it” 🙂


Overwhelming GSEB tests response

First of all, Let me take pride to welcome all the users of speedexam for their  Free GSEB tests, our exam management software. Its really impossible for me to describe in words how  excited I am about this,  i feel i have turned a little kid that has just got a  chocolate.

When we set up our website, we thought we were going to have a slow organic growth, but to our pleasant surprise the site has been up for a week now and there are more then 1000 test appeared

I want to thank everybody for showing interest and we’re looking forward to push out the best product to help you all. If you haven’t yet signed up for  FREE Tests , click here or visit,

Happy Learning 🙂